• Image of Scratch Pad

A cleaned-up, stylish antidote to the common cat scratcher.

Now available with a refillable insert ($25) -- this cat scratcher is one piece of furniture that you want your cat to scratch! We start by hand-rolling cardboard (100% recycled content) around a wooden center, then we seal the bottom and encase the pad in a hand-printed twill wrap. Once your cat has sufficiently shredded the insert (your couch will thank you), simply remove the outer wrap, recycle the the cardboard and refill with a kitty jones scratch pad insert.

To order an insert, please choose the "INSERT REFILL" option in the drop down menu.

diameter: 17 inches
height: 3 inches

We are currently able to ship within the contiguous US and Canada. If you live elsewhere, and are interested in the Scratch Pad, please contact us for a quote.